DOCOMO's Billing plan for mobile phone

Billing plan for smartphones

Reliable connection

No time-based data rate limit & No additional charge for tethering

Up to 20 GB

International roaming fee included

Can be used in the U.S. no formalities required 20GB ¥2,970(incl.tax) No administrative service fee No minimum subscription period No cancellation feeApply Now

  • *The cost of the device is charged separately.
  • *After 20 GB is exceeded, the maximum data rate will be limited to 1 Mbps for both sending and receiving.
  • *Separate charges apply for SMS and transmission to connection services of other companies.

New high-volume option

ahamo Oomori

100GB ¥4,950(incl. tax)

ahamo 20GB ¥2,970* + Oomori option 80GB ¥1,980

*The cost of the device is charged separately.

ahamo is only offered online

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Why choose ahamo?

High-quality DOCOMO communications line

  • High-quality
    4G/5G network
  • No time-based
    data rate limit
  • Unlimited domestic
    calls of up to 5 minutes *1
  • Free tethering
  • Free international
    roaming of up to 20 GB
  • eSIM-compatible
    Ready for use immediately
    after application
  • *1 If a domestic call exceeds 5 minutes, you will be charged ¥22 per 30 seconds. Separate charges apply for SMS and transmission to connection services of other companies.
  • *2 If you use this service for more than 15 days in an overseas country, a limit will be placed on the data rate. The upper volume limit includes domestic use.

Devices can be submitted for repair
at docomo Shops.

ahamo-compatible smartphones

  • ahamo is available for iPhone 6 or later.
  • Many devices purchased from companies other than DOCOMO can also be used.
    * The SIM must be unlocked.
  • The lineup of affordable smartphones is aimed at customers who want to purchase a new smartphone when they sign up.

ahamo is only offered online

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Flow to Start Use

  1. STEP01

    Click the Apply Now button to sign up online. 
    (You can also purchase a smartphone.)

  2. STEP02

    The device is delivered.
    Configure the initial settings and start using the device.

The age limit for signing a contract is 18 years old or older

Please prepare the following before applying

Documents verifying identity

U.S. military ID

If you choose to pay by credit card, the only required document is your U.S. military ID.

*However, you will need to write down your Japanese address in a blank space. If you do not fill in an address, an additional document such as a passport will be required.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

What kinds of credit cards are accepted?

On the ahamo application page, we accept credit cards from the following companies for your monthly payment. When configuring a credit card, you must authenticate using an identity authentication service (3D Secure 2.0).

  • ・d CARD
  • ・UC Card
  • ・JCB Card
  • ・American Express Card
  • ・MUFG Card
  • ・DC Card
  • ・NICOS Card
  • ・Sumitomo Mitsui Card
  • ・Saison Card
  • ・Diners Club Card
  • ・Orico Card
  • ・Rakuten Card
  • ・Aeon Card
  • ・TS Cubic Card
  • ・Life Card
  • ・Nissenren Card
  • ・Cedyna Card
  • ・Cedyna Card (OMC)
  • ・Jaccs Card
  • ・Aplus Card

Some credit cards do not support 3D Secure 2.0.For details, contact your credit card company.

If I make a new subscription in the middle of the month, is the monthly charge of the billing plan calculated on a per diem basis?

[New subscription (including MNP)] The monthly charge of the new subscription month is calculated on a per diem basis from the first day of the subscription to the end of the month.

How many days are required to switch to ahamo?

If you make a new subscription (including a new subscription through Mobile/PHS Number Portability (MNP)), or if you switch from DOCOMO to ahamo at the same time you purchase a device or have a SIM card issued, the device will be shipped to your address in 3 days, including the day you completed your application on the ahamo website.

  • *You can choose the delivery date in the application process. After receiving the device, please configure the settings to open the line by yourself to complete the procedure.
  • *If you change from DOCOMO to ahamo without purchasing a device or having a SIM card issued, you can start using the device as soon as the application procedure is complete. 

ahamo is only offered online

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Shops with English-speaking staffReservations required to visit the Shops.

docomo Shop Chatan

93 Kuwae, Chatan, Nakagami District, Okinawa


(10 a.m. to 7 p.m.) Closed on 1st Thursdays of the month

docomo Shop Okinawa

2-1-1 Uechi, Okinawa


(10 a.m. to 7 p.m.) Closed on 1st Tuesdays of the month

Things you need to bring
for contract
  • ID+Foreign Passport
    +Credit Card
  • Alien Registration
  • Residence Card+ID
    +Foreign Passport+Credit Card